Main Shareholders


Iranian Re has more than 4,200 shareholders. Two well known Iranian private banks, namely Bank Pasargad and Bank  Sarmayeh, and 9 insurance companies are amongst the major shareholders.
The following table shows structure and Major shareholders of the Company:


Shareholders Stake
Pasargad Financial Group including Bank Pasargad 20.00%
Bank Sarmayeh 9.77%
Teachers Investment Funds 3.91%
Banks Employees Pension Fund 3.91%
Saman Majd Investment Co. 3.91%
Sam Group Co. 3.91%
Hamghadam Co. 3.91%
Sam Electronic Co. 3.91%
Pasargad Insurance Company 5.21%
Alborz Insurance Company 3.97%
Parsian Insurance Company 2.93%
Dana Insurance Company 2.93%
Moallem Insurance Company 2.93%
Novin Insurance Company 0.49%
Mihan Insurance Company 0.49%
Mellat Insurance Company 0.49%
Iran Moein Insurance Company 0.36%
Other companies 10.52%
Real persons (4193 people) 16.45%
Total 100.00%
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