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Marsh McLennan to help Ukraine access global insurance market

Marsh McLennan to help Ukraine access global insurance market

Ukraine launches Marsh McLennan-supported war risk data platform

Ukraine has activated a data platform, supported by Marsh McLennan, that will allow insurers, investors and governments to analyse war risks in the country.


Re/insurance brokerage Marsh McLennan supported the Government of Ukraine in designing and testing the platform to help in the nation’s recovery and transformation.

The data platform brings together detailed maps of war-related incidents in Ukraine (defined as individual events relating to Russian hostilities such as missile, drone, or shelling attacks) since the Russian invasion in February 2022.

This includes granular insight into the frequency and type of attacks by location over time, with further insight into the types of assets targeted as well as damage levels sustained. In doing so, it enables transparency about the impact of the conflict to date and the degree of war risk.

John Doyle, President and CEO of Marsh McLennan, commented: “Today marks a milestone in Ukraine’s road to recovery and reconstruction from the ongoing effects of this brutal conflict.

“Ukraine’s data platform – the first of its kind – empowers the global insurance and investment community as well as governments with data to evaluate risks much more accurately to create greater confidence for investment.”

According to the announcement, the platform shows that 76% of communities in Ukraine had no war-related incidents in 2023 up to 1 October. The equivalent figure since the invasion began on 24 February 2022 is 66%.

These figures, the broker stated, demonstrate the progress made by Ukraine over the past year. A further 9% of communities were low-incident communities in 2023, having experienced only one war-related incident.

The analysis shows that hostilities have been concentrated on a focused set of Ukrainian communities: 9% of communities have been subject to intense shelling; 6% are communities away from the frontline that have been targeted by Russian attacks. It also shows that 101 once-occupied communities have been recovered from Russia by Ukraine since the invasion began.

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine which operates the platform said: “76% of communities in Ukraine have had no war related incidents this year. This demonstrates that much of Ukraine is open for investment now.”

The launch of this platform followsMarsh McLennan announcement committing to work with the Ukrainian government to provide services on a pro-bono basis to create a platform for the countryto consolidate and analyse data for a transparent assessment of war risks in Ukraine.

The platform aggregates data received from the police, military, security services, rescue services, transport services, and government institutions, among other sources.