Together, We manage the risk

Strategic Objectives



  • To Create Value and make reasonable and steady Profit;

A proper, reasonable and steady profit can be obtained by creating a Homogeneous Portfolio of Reinsurance Business together with effective investment of financial resources

  • Social and National Responsibility;

Besides pursuing the interests of Shareholders, Iranian Re has the responsibility to participating and performing an effective role in development of Insurance Industry as well as economic growth of the country.


The Overall Objectives can be met by pursuing and implementing the Strategic Goals of the Company as set below:

  • Gaining a Proper Market Share in the Local Reinsurance Market;
  • Effective participation in increasing the Capacity as well as Retention of the Local Insurance Market;
  • Being recognized as a well reputable Reinsurance Company in the emerging markets of the Region;
  • Building an effective and constructive business relationship with regional and International Insurance and Reinsurance Markets;
  • Efficient and Optimum Investment of Financial Resources;


By achieving the above Goals, we pursue the following:

“To become a Capable and Professional Leading Reinsurance Company in the Local and Regional Markets

and a recognized reinsurer in the International Markets”